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What is DTG Printing?

DTG, or Direct to Garment Printing, is a method where designs are printed directly onto textiles using specialized inkjet technology. At Decosource, we utilize the world leading Kornit printers, renowned for their precision and quality

What are the benefits of DTG Printing?

DTG Printing is renowned for its exceptional image quality and color accuracy, which are superior to traditional screen printing for detailed designs. Due to minimal setup requirements, it's also more cost-effective for smaller batch orders. The quick process enables us to produce custom apparel efficiently and with shorter turnaround times.

What kinds of garments can be printed with DTG Printing?

Our advanced Kornit printers require a 100% cotton t-shirt.

How does your DTG printing promote environmental sustainability?

At Decosource, our Kornit digital garment printers use eco-friendly, water- based inks, ensuring minimal environmental impact and no chemical waste, making our process cleaner and more sustainable than traditional screen printing.

How long does it take to print using DTG?

Our DTG printing process is designed for speed and efficiency, allowing for rapid turnaround times. Typically, we can complete small to medium orders within a few days after final approval, depending on their complexity and volume. For more specific timelines, please get in touch with us directly to discuss your project requirements.

What are the differences between Screen Printing and Direct-to- Garment (DTG) Printing?

Screen printing is ideal for designs with 2-3 colors on orders of 288 or more shirts, offering a cost-effective solution for large batches. In contrast, DTG printing allows for unlimited color options with a minimum order of just 12 shirts, using eco-friendly, water-based inks that create a lighter and softer print. For optimal results in DTG, we recommend using 100% cotton shirts.

What type of art files should I provide for printing?
Vectorized artwork from Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw is the best format for printing. However, we can also work with high-resolution JPEGs (300 dpi or higher). Please note that artwork from websites typically does not meet our resolution requirements. For the smoothest process, email your files to our art department, and we will assess whether they are suitable for your project.
What if I don’t have a design for my project?

No design? No problem! Our experienced art department can help craft your custom design. Art creation is billed by the hour, ensuring you get professional assistance tailored to your needs.