Additional Embroidery Services

Digitized Handling Fee

Digitized File Handling Fee: A flat fee of $25.00 for reviewing and setting up any provided digitized file for production. Our production manager, Ruthie, with 25 years of experience, ensures
optimal setup.

Minor Edits

Minor Edits/Cap Adjustments: A $25.00 fee is applied for minor changes such as text edits or converting designs between cap and garment embroidery.

Product Mock-Up

Product Mock-Up Fee: $25.00 is charged for creating the initial design mock-up. Please note that this fee is for the first mock-up only and does not include any revisions. Subsequent revisions can be made at an additional cost of $15.00 each.


Personalization/Monograms: Personalization, including names or monograms, is $12.50 and covers up to three lines of text.optimal setup.

Additional Colors

Additional Color Charge: For designs requiring more than six thread colors, an extra fee of $0.25 will be added for each additional color used on top of the regular embroidery charge

Metallic Thread

Metallic Thread: Embroidery that uses metallic thread incurs a 25% surcharge on the total embroidery cost. This covers the additional expenses and special handling needed for using metallic thread.

Bulky Items

Bulky Item Surcharge: A surcharge of 50% is added to our standard embroidery pricing for bulky items like Carhartt jackets and big bags. This fee accounts for the extra time and reduced machine efficiency. For example, a 6,000-stitch logo priced at $5.70 will cost $8.55 with the surcharge ($5.70 * 1.50). Please note that challenging items such as golf bags, shoes, and tents are unsuitable for embroidery in our facility.

Jacket Back Embroidery

Jacket Back Embroidery Charge: For orders of 8-11 full-back logos, the cost is $3.50 per thousand stitches. For larger orders of 12 or more full-back logos, the rate is reduced to $2.50 per thousand stitches. The minimum order quantity for this pricing is 8 full-back logos.